Thursday, June 26, 2008

Irish Snowman

As one might surmise from the various clues to be seen, this photograph was taken on St. Patrick's Day, 1971. I am a little over a month shy of my third birthday; my mother is 22. This is probably the first snowman that I had any direct participation in, and certainly the one I have the most vivid memories of (though that can probably be attributed to the existence of the photograph as much as any other factor).The eyes and buttons are radishes (a vegetable I otherwise have no tolerance for), the mouth is obviously carrot-based, and the hat is, I think, from Hallmark.
Other Fun Facts:
  • This is the front yard of 139-A Cochran Road, where we lived from 1970-74.
  • I still have a scar under my arm where I got pinched badly by shifting parts of the swing set in the background.
  • The scarf and hat were particular favorites of my mother in those days; I still have said scarf, currently stored with my own seldom-used winter accoutrements.


jim said...

Look out Itchy, he's Irish!

kaz said...

Where are you??? Don't tell me you've run out of pictures? Just post more photos - I really miss this blog... Please come back!

Devlin Thompson said...

Worry not... there's still tons of fun awaiting its day in the sun. Things have just been a little hectic lately. This current hiatus was triggered by my bringing the wrong one of two identical photo albums home from my storage space. When I realized that I didn't have the correct one in hand, I decided that I still wanted to use that one next, so I'd just wait to post again until I could go back and retrieve the photo. Suddenly, it was three months later. I guess I should prioritize this a bit more... especially considering that I've been up to the storage space twice in the last week! I'm just a lazy bum.
Incidentally, am I addressing Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis? Or, less plausibly, Larry Katzman? In either case, I'm honored. But even if you are neither of the aforementioned, I appreciate your interest and I'll be back to provide further entertainment soon.

emmiebean said...

Just came across this fantastic photo while scouring the internets... not to shamelessly self-promote, but if you every want a nice gift, I do custom portraits of vintage photos and this would be super fun to work on. that snowman would look especially fun as an illustration. here's the link just in case you are ever interested!