Monday, October 29, 2007


This, to me, is perhaps the oddest thing I've posted here. The collaged mascot characters are from the cover of a sketchbook, but I can't remember which manufacturer's mascot he is...Speedball and Grumbacher are the two most likely suspects, but I can't find evidence of the source off hand. I have no idea what they're arguing about, either.


Mandy said...

Are you sure it isn't some incarnation of Esky (the Esquire Magazine mascot)? That's who it looks like to me.

I say so considering how fond your mom was of (the good issues)of Esquire that would coincidentally go bad when she decided to re-subscribe to the magazine, hence, leaving what was left for little Devlin to cut into pieces for his little collage.

jim said...

they are an opinionated bunch

if not esky, maybe some company that started with a C?

hey, dig this "Yodamite" video i found on youtube