Monday, June 25, 2007

Droid With a Bad Motivator

Yes, it's poor old R5-D4, hanging out with another droid that I apparently decided wasn't worth finishing. Back in the period between EMPIRE and JEDI, when there was much speculation as to who the other potential Jedi that Yoda had referred to might be, the best theory I ever heard of picked R2-D2. The evidence for this being that, when Uncle Owen passed over R2 in favor of today's star attraction, R2 beeped angrily and shook a bit, and KERPOW!! Poor R5-D4's head blew up... just as if R2 had used "Jedi mind tricks" to sabotage him! It was obviously a stretch, but it still could have made for a better film than the cinematic cow patty that we wound up with.

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