Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ten Toes and Three Mouths

The second drawing featuring someone with snakes for arms here at "Early Works", though I wouldn't consider it a running theme in my work or anything. I don't know if those are lightning bolts or merely jagged antennae on his roll of neck-fat (which might actually be a loose-fitting necklace). This piece was a little tricky to reproduce, being drawn with what I imagine to have been a fairly hard (6H?) red colored pencil on green school paper, so this is as clear as I could get it.

I got a perfect score on my quiz on the obverse face, though I was apparently too eager to get down to important monster business to take the time to sign it. Mrs. Ashworth seems to have been able to figure out who was responsible easily enough, though.


Anonymous said...

Ah Mrs. Ashworth. I'm not sure the M. Morrison Elementary is still standing.

Anonymous said...

I know the Elementary has been razed and the Methodists now reside there. It was the annex that is possibly still standing, waiting for someone to fund its cultural significance in the black community, at least the last time I drove up the hill behind the Garretts.

Devlin Thompson said...

Morrison Annex is; Morrison Elementary is not. It's been replaced with some sort of megachurch.