Thursday, February 22, 2007

notebooks and noses

I went to the trouble to do this painstaking eraser lettering, but I didn't manage to space it correctly. To my credit, though, I did follow through and finish it as best I could. "5-G" indicates my home room number. Where are you today, Mrs. Garrison?

I don't believe that the lamp-nosed gentleman's ray is the cause of the blobby fellow's condition. But he certainly looks happier with his lot in life, doesn't he ? Note the upside-down ear. I'm pretty sure that that was a conscious attempt to explore the horror potential of variations in basic features, rather than just the undeveloped motor skills of a 9-year old. I can't think of any design strategy that would have pointed me towards adding prehensile, raygun-toting tentacles to his nose, though.

These may have been done at an earlier time than the other stuff in this book, but they may also just be sloppier (if Thurberesque) doodling. Like Mark Newgarden, I've always valued big noses as one of the fundamental building blocks of comedy.

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