Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Comparative Religion 101

From the ancient world, we have this temple of the Great and, I don't know. I can think of gods with cat heads, and wings, and fur, and tails...but the snake arms are throwing me. It may well be something I read a description of, or I may have just been making it up. I do think that he's got the best whiskers of any Heathen Idol ever.

From the vague picture of "Africa" that I received from the media, here's a Witch Doctor. Possibly the one David Seville sang about...though when I think about it, this might be inspired by King Kong. Those do seem to be broken palm trees in the background, and the rectangular shape might be the gate in the great wall on Skull Island.

Lastly, one that doesn't need much interpretation, reproduced as best I could from a mug made for my maternal grandmother and step-grandfather. There is a corresponding mug for my paternal set, but I can't find it at present. I find it interesting that I gave the angel butterfly wings.
I was never really a believer, but I always loved Nativity sets, since they were essentially toys. In fact, there is a large set at my grandmother's house that for many years has included the 12"-scale Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker,R2-D2, and Cylon among the friends and well-wishers (which might have made for a better Holiday Special than the one we got).

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emily said...

"I was never really a believer"...
Well, I am a firm believer in that cat/snake/thing up top.

Hey toots! I love this. My friends James and Chris also have a huge Nativity scene that includes well-wishers such as Rob Zombie and Darth Vadar (I guess he tries to make it to all of the savior-births).