Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Poor Walrus Man!

These are actually preceded in the notebook by a Death Squad Commander fleeing blaster fire (in shaky one-point perspective) and a Stormtrooper being hit similarly to the right hand image, but why I thought poor Walrus Man (whom modern-day nerds know as
Ponda Baba
) deserved to get killed twice is no longer clear to me. I'm also not quite certain why he's getting killed on a trapeze, but I assume that I drew the pose and then tried to justify it. I feel confident in saying that this was drawn in winter or early spring of 1979; Walrus Man would have been the latest hot celebrity on the toy shelf in my room, hanging out in his cardboard cantina with Hammerhead, Greedo, and Blue Snaggletooth. Many years later, one of the guys in the Cardigans came to my house and tried to buy Snaggletooth from me (I declined), but he didn't even ask about poor Walrus Man.


davehellmerrill said...

The one on the right - isn't that a swipe?

I learned to draw the human figure by using a Boba Fett action figure as a model.

Devlin Thompson said...

Oh, believe me, I've got a Kenner-referenced Fett in the archives...but based on the mail-in ad art. It's in a frame right now, but his day will come. I've also got a stormtrooper that my father drew for me using the figure as reference that might show up sooner or later.

Kirk D. said...

Those are amazing. Together they are unbeatable. I love that Walrus Man's death merits multiple explorations and yet there's such a subtle difference. ha ha!
I also love the action-figureness of the drawings (and the spot on color. I'd still like to know why Kenner improvised his outfit.)

If I were a person who bought art prints, I would buy these.

Hail to Walrus Man and his webbed feet!