Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I was reading before my third birthday, so I had a real head start on the whole spelling thing (though penmanship was an issue up through junior high school, basically until I abandoned cursive script), and you don't find many misspellings in my work. This, however, is evidence that I had my occasional lapse. I don't recall the details of "Devlin's Desining Studio and carpentry shop", but I commandeered this ancient enameled metal clipboard (backed with felt, even) as an integral part of the studio's equipment. I can't figure out what sort of pen I labeled it with that would stick to painted metal, but it's survived admirably for over three decades. I juiced up the color a bit in Photoshop, but this is a pretty accurate representation of wat 's sitting next to my desk on the scanner It's actually going to get pressed into service in my current carpentry shop...I've got a pegboard hook set up for it already. My "Desining Studio" is upstairs in the living room, though.

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