Monday, May 14, 2007


I've got an appointment in an hour with my dentist, Dr. Jack G. Newman (whose services I strongly endorse), so I thought this might be a nice tribute to his profession. The dentist portrayed has an unusual method of acquiring patients, though clearly one that is effective if one's preferred clientele are roller-skating lumberjacks. At first, one assumes that the snake is just there to make the pitfall even scarier, but a closer examination reveals that the snake is in fact a patient, himself. I really can't account for the syringe protruding from the snake's side. Another possible interpretation is that the snake is in fact the dentist's confederate, but while lying in wait, the dentist , out of boredom, decided to do some work on the snake just to pass the time.
I'm fairly certain that none of Dr. Newman's dental techs and hygeinists are in fact reptiles, so I feel pretty good about today's visit. But I'm still keeping my eyes open for suspicious rectangular seams in the office carpet. He may just be biding his time before he swoops in for the kill. You know...a "Sweeney Todd" kind of thing. We'll see.


Jennifah said...

At first glance I thought perhaps the kid in the roller skates was being rescued from the dentist chair and the snake by an angle of mercy. Open wide!

jim said...

i'm thinking maybe the snake is the dentist and the patient is being extorted at needle point to avoid dental work?