Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Here, transcribed for you by my mother, is a rundown of my arsenal of words at the age of 14 months. Only two verbs, but I already can already request two types of beverage. "Tusie" was my beloved cousin Susie (who recently became a mommy for a second time, and will be needing to write this sort of thing down herself), and "Ga-Ga" was as close to "Grandfather" as I could manage. I'm surprised that "kitty" apparently wasn't on the list,as we had cats pretty much my whole life. I'm not surprised that I already knew what books were, though. If there's one thing that my family has always been about, it's printed matter, and plenty of it!
It appears that I failed to notice that yesterday was the 100th entry in this log. Happy birthday to me. It would have happened even sooner if I hadn't forgotten to post on Sunday.
Tomorrow: more deranged scribbles.

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