Monday, July 23, 2007

Man with Large Ears

It almost seems as if he was intended as a cyclops, but I thought better of it at the last moment and shoehorned one in on the side.

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Anonymous said...

"Jorge: "Christian Rock" is an all-too-real phenomenon, not just rock music with Christian content. Here...let Pete Bagge fill you in on the gruesome details:"

That comic was full of inaccuracies.

They weren't talking about rock, they were talking about CCM. In case you didn't know, the "Christian Rock" community looks on Contemporary Christian Music that way the animation community looks at Family guy or the way the artistic set looks at Thomas Kinkade. They consider it to be completely different.

CCM is the kind of "Christian rock" people who don't listen to rock music like. Half the time it's just acoustic soft rock wiht some asshole saying "I will sing of the Lord forever..." Yeah, that's ROCK, all right. The kids LOVE that.

The real "rock" music with lyrics that happen to be spiritual in nature (as all lyrics SHOULD be personal to the ones writing them) is to be found in the pages of HM Magazine, one of the best magazines around, period. It was originally called Heaven's Metal in the 80s and is now known simply as "Hard Music" The focus isn't on the lyrics, it's about the sound of the music. The lyrics of these real bands are never about how many times they can say "Praise Christ," they're usually alot more sophisticated than that, using metaphors. I'd say only 25% of the real non-CCM "Christian rock" band songs are about Christian themes. Hell, alot of these bands sing songs criticizing the religious right.

Alot of the popular rock, metal, and hardcore bands kids like are Christian or have Christian themes (no, I don't mean Slayer:

Killswitch Engage (metalcore)
Dashboard Confessional (EMO!)
Hawthorne Heights (emo)
Underoath (screamo, formerly metal)
Norma Jean (metalcore)
As I Lay Dying (metalcore)
Comeback Kid (hardcore)
Mute Math (they were on the freakin' Transformers soundtrack)
He Is Legend (southern rock/metal)

The line is gone. CCM is the mainstream bland Wal-Mart version of "Christian rock" that so self respecting music fan wolld listen to.

This "Real" Christian Rock I refer to is no better or no worse than regular mainstream rock. In other worlds, the music itself is the focus, lyrics are an afterthought, but the music styles are still subject to the same trneds that "Secular" rock is subject to. For example, most metalcore bands these days are succumbing to emo influences, Christian or otherwsie, and alot of music fans are unhappy with this. But this music, as crappy as it is, is still more real than anything involved with CCM because it's music first, lyrics second. It just so happens that people have bad taste in music these days.

Listen to Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster and tell me if that's anything like what CCM is putting out there.

(By the way, their stuff is played on MTV2's Headbangers Ball)

I hope I've opened your mind somewaht away from the stereotypes and ignorance that are so prevalent in our society.

Everytime someone in the "Christian rock" (a stupid term for it) community hears someone say Christian rock is crappy, it's like when the animation community hears someone say cartoons are just for kids. Alot of fringe sub cultures work the same way.

If you want more info or questions, email the guy who runs HM Magazine, he's a cool down-to-earth guy.