Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yellow Submarine

Referenced, but not traced (I just went downstairs and checked) from the cover of the soundtrack album. Said album was the first pop album that I purchased entirely independently of any adult, at a short-lived record shop upstairs from my parents' place of employment. I had plenty of records that had purchased for me, and I'd previously special-ordered the Close Encounters of the Third Kind soundtrack at the same shop, but this is where it all began for me as a record buyer. I don't think I've actually listened to it in this century yet, but it's the only post-Yesterday and Today Beatles album I'd be likely to pull out. Nonetheless, they all sit there patiently awaiting being called up to duty.
I'm thinking that this was probably done between Christmas and New Year's Eve, because I'm pretty sure that it was drawn with a particularly nice set of felt-tips that my Godmother gave me for Christmas that year. I got a lot of use out of those, and I believe that I still have one or two of the less-useful colors that could still more or less function, tucked away among my art supplies.

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