Sunday, July 29, 2007

Flying Trinacromerum

This may be an extrapolation of something in the Lee J. Ames book (as discussed in this post), but the fact of its being drawn on tracing paper may be an indication that it was traced from some other dinosaur book. I was having trouble finding any reference to "Romerum" in any English-language documents, but I eventually determined that the missing piece would have completed the word "Trinacromerum".It starts out as a pretty accurate rendering, and then goes its own way...I suppose the horn and wings are reasonable enough, butI'm not sure what I was shooting for with that strangely humanoid hind leg. And then there's the butterfly-winged snake and the bat-winged well as the fact that the smaller flying fish has little clawed pterodactyl wings.As usual, I was so far ahead of the other paleontologists that they still haven't caught up to me.

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