Thursday, March 1, 2007

Robot Overkill

This fellow is pretty well-prepared for nearly any eventuality, up to and including towing illegally-parked cars or administering injections. And yet, all that he chooses to do is to destroy a tree. I think that stuff at the tip of his nose is a set of doors opening to reveal another missile of some sort.

This fellow is less aggressive in his general look, but he's in danger of legal action from several of his metallic colleagues. Let's break it down: he's got Raydeen's legs, an upper torso reminscent of Iron Man's, ear thingys patterned after Robby, and I think his head may be based on Lucifer (though I believe that the top of the head was not intended to be a dome, but a set of sliding doors modeled on the U.S.S. Enterprise's shuttle bay). I think this may have been intentional, but that's probably after-the-fact rationalization. What is unique about him, though are his three rows of pouches around the midriff. Now that's a utility belt!

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