Monday, March 12, 2007

Blood 'N' Guts

This is one of the relatively few pieces that I can date with any degree of certainty, as it's part of a sheaf of torn-out pages that I labeled "Camp Broadstone, Summer '80." It shows all the symptoms of the crappiness that infects kid's drawings around age 12 , but it still has a certain awful charm. I definitely advise clicking to enlarge this one...there are many nuances that reward close examination. I was clearly trying really hard to get this right...I reposed the monster's arms, erased unnecessary antennae, rendered shadows even! We won't discuss the fact that those shadows are running in opposite directions, or try to figure out the hapless spacemen's relative sizes, or even speculate why the prostrate gentleman's blood looks more like a necktie draped across him. Still, Rob Liefield has published worse.

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