Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Junior Toy Designers

If memory serves me, these were done at Camp Broadstone in the summer of 1980 in collaboration with a fellow camper, about whom I can remember nothing except that he was black and I think his name may have started with "E", because I believe that we derived the name of this from our initials. My memory of it is that we were imagining something along the line of the Mego Buck Rogers figures crossed with Matchbox MAC figures, but nicer. The vehicle seems to be inspired by the rare Buck Rogers Land Rover with a bit of a Micronauts flavor. As you can see, we were very serious about this.
As I think about this further, I'm actually less certain that these are the aforementioned collaborative designs after all, because I suddenly had a vague mental picture of characters that were more like rip-offs of Ferro Lad. Also, there's no evidence of another hand than my own on either page. I just can't say at this point. Memory is a wiggly thing. Anyway, two facts are known:I designed some toys with another kid once, and these are some toy designs that I drew. Whether there is any correlation between those two facts is anyone's guess.

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