Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"The Martian"

Just to mix things up a little, here's a short story for you fans of Speculative Fiction. It's taken it 31 years to see "print"... but that still means I'm doing better than all the people whose stories are in THE LAST DANGEROUS VISIONS.
In case you can't decipher my elegant calligraphy, here's a transcription:

The Martian

by Devlin

One day as I was walking along, I met a Martian. I wanted to take a picture, but I forgot my film. It had 39 eyes, smelled like rotten eggs, had 59 limbs, and had blue skin. All of a sudden it shot a ray g* at me! I lunged at it and knocked it into its spaceship. It flew off. The End.

* Presumably, I had originally intended to write "ray gun", then decided that "ray" alone was adequate, but then, for whatever reason, neglected to erase the false start.

This fellow is not meant to represent the titular spaceman, but it's from about the same time, so why the heck not?

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