Friday, March 23, 2007


Two drawings that I apparently found unacceptable at the time. Now I find myself to be my own Max Brod, bringing to light work that the 8-year old me never wanted to be seen. Sorry, kid. I guess I can see why I didn't like Bulletman, but he has his charm. My own Bulletman was chewed to death by a neighborhood dog; my associates and I made a sarcophagus for him from an old toolbox and put his remains in a crypt deep inside a stack of terra-cotta pipes behind our apartment building. I actually don't recall ever exhuming his remains over the subsequent decade of my residence there. The place has been messed with considerably since then, and I know it's long gone by now, but I do wonder at what point somebody found this puzzling relic. The Enterprise and the Andorian look comparable to my other drawings of the time, but I apparently felt differently. It's possible that the Andorian was referenced from the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual, which I've still kept around, just in case I ever need to intubate a Gorn.

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