Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This one's not in the greatest of shape, but it's particular historic significance (to me, at least) because it is probably the first time I ever drew superheroes, inspired by the second super-hero comic I ever read, and the first one I actually liked, after this one creeped me out and chased me away from the long-underwear comics for another year. So, as it happens, the story that did appeal to this 5 1/2-year old was one wherin a serial killer using razor-edged boomerangs to slaughter innocents is revealed to be Batman's heretofore-unheard of older brother, who was institutionalized for life after suffering brain damage from a childhood accident. Batman and Superman solve this crime with the assistance of Deadman (who, for the uninitiated, is the ghost of an assassinated circus aerialist, who has been granted the ability to possess the bodies of the living by a made-up far Eastern goddess so that he might track down his killer). At the end of the story, Deadman wanders off in the killer's body (I never actually saw the later follow-up story where this is resolved until years later). In retrospect, I have no idea why this didn't terrify me, but I liked it enough that I was inspired to draw this baby.

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