Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Devil Wears Two Hats

A fairly creepy image, from the inside back cover of my second grade math book:

I assume that this developed by accretion, rather than as a single concept, so the people at the top were probably a late addition, but here's what I believe is supposed to be happening here:
The demon at the center is being attacked by the large, two-hatted demon and the horrible papoose/larva creature, while the fire sprite and evil anthropomorphic hammer creature look on. The papoose thing is attacking with a long, barbed tongue (I'm pretty sure I didn't literally intend to have him attacking the middle guy's crotch, but it does look that way), while the big guy is spitting some kind of darts. Said darts are riccocheting off and flying upwards, where some are deflected by the roof of the cavern. The gentleman at the left is, I believe, in a cave and therefore less protected by the Earth, so the darts are breaking through and injuring his feet. And that is what mathematics means to me. The End.

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