Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ducktor Solar, of all things

In the wake of the mid-'70s success of Howard the Duck (now overshadowed in the popular consciousness by the wretched movie), for a time there was a vogue in comics circles for drawing duck versions of popular characters (for evidence of this, see any fanzine from 1976-79). This is from a few years later, but I was really too young to appreciate Howard during its lifetime (my collection was assembled from quarter boxes at the [Anderson, SC] Jockey Lot from 1981 to '83). So...I decide to draw duck super-heroes. So who do I draw? Super-Duck? No. Bat-Duck? Nope. I do an anthropomorphic version of the at that point ridiculously obscure Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom. Go figure. I also did a batch of drawings in this same period of the X-Ducks (Including an acrylic painting"Ducklops", I guess), but I'm not inclined to expose those to the world. You wouldn't be seeing this if not for the urging of one of my most loyal readers. So, ultimately, this is her fault.

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