Monday, April 30, 2007

El Barko

An unusual strategy: rather than actually draw an odd adventure comic featuring a rather obvious Snoopy knock-0ff, I present some highlights from said proposed comic. I can't answer any of the questions raised by this, except to say that the third panel appears to show a house with periscopes in the basement for observing the outdoors, which may be somehow extrapolated from the fanciful attributes displayed by Snoopy's doghouse in those days (I suppose that's El Barko waving to someone from the second story window). I don't even have any good theories about the thingies in the corners of the fifth panel. It looks like it would have been pretty entertaining, if I'd only had any sort of follow-through.

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MerianDenham said...

Thanks. The small boy drawings are fan, but your adult interpretations are making me laughing my heart out. Really, this is hillarious. Thanks, man (from Seville, Spain, just for the statistics)