Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Indian

I'd say "Native American", but I can assure you that what I was drawing was an Indian. And one in good spirits, too. He seems unfazed by the bright blue cactus behind him. I find it interesting that I did part of the outline in felt-tip and part in crayon, as I usually didn't mix media in that way. I might do a crayon drawing, or I might do a pen drawing and color it, but rarely would I fall in between those extremes. It's possible that the pen drawing was left unfinished and that I returned to it later. This particular notebook sat around the house for many years at my grandparents' house, so it has work drawn over a 7 or 8-year span in it (one page has an unfinished drawing of Chernobog from Fantasia drawn when I was maybe 5, next to a fairly tight drawing of a starfighter from Buck Rogers from 1980ish, making for an odd juxtaposition).

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