Monday, April 23, 2007


The Man of Steel, rendered in the Paper of Construction! I was going to suggest that his head sort of resembled that of Alf, the taller castaway in The Drop-Outs, but a bit of research informs me that I didn't have a very clear mental picture of him after all.


jennifah said...

I came across your site on the bloggers choice awards. I have looked at many of your drawings but I think this one is my fave. Honestly, you could put this all together in a book. I'd buy it. I have been saving my kids papers and a few weeks ago contemplated trashing most of them. Not now. Though I don't expect they will do something like this, I know they will enjoy looking at them in 20 or years.

Devlin Thompson said...

Definitely hang on to the stuff. But don't let them at it during their teen years. I know plenty of folks who had bunches of their childhood drawings, but threw them out around age 13-15, and they all regret it.