Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pin the Tail on the Daggit

For a slight change of pace, here's a photo of my father holding aside a balloon to facilitate a game of "Pin the Tail on the Daggit" at my 11th birthday, on or about this day in 1979. He made the game out of white and mustard-yellow poster board (do they even make that color anymore?), and did a bang-up job of it, if I do say so myself. There was also a cake with a Colonial Viper airbrushed on top, and I seem to remember loaning the baker one of the toys as a reference, though it may have just been a comic book or an issue of Starlog. The kid playing the game is old chum David Alexander, who I haven't seen in nearly 25 years. Wherever you are, David, I hope you're well...and thanks for coming to my party!
CLARIFICATION: Upon applying the advanced detective's technique of looking at the back of the photo, I learn that this party occurred on April 22, 1979. A simple investigation determines that it was a Sunday, and my actual birthday fell on Tuesday, both then and now.


Evan said...

Pin the Tail on The Daggit is so awesome and terrifying it staggers the everything. I cannot tell you how jealous my inner 13-yr old is. Your dad made you a freakin' Daggit, my mom destroyed my Starlog collection, tore my Wizards poster off the wall and smashed my Aurora monster models every few months. If only I could have been a changeling.

BTW, you can sell collage Superman to a gallery for hefty dough, I bet.

leftylimbo said...

Totally awesome. What an original and killer idea for a birthday theme and party game! Man, do you have a shot of that Viper cake?

@Evan - dood that sounds brutal! Your mom smashed your Aurora monster models?? Whatever for? Were you not doing your homework? Just the thought of smashed Aurora models made me wince.