Sunday, April 1, 2007

Frankenstein? (or not)

The earliest piece presented yet, showing that I was such an artistic prodigy that I was actually using costruction lines to draw the human head. Or, more likely, I drew some random shape and then turned it into a face. It also looks almost as if he's wearing a mask, but I think that's just happenstance. One thing that I can deduce with near-certainty is that the oddly-shaped paper is from one of a series of "pop art" notepads shaped like various consumer goods that were sold in those days. I don't recall having one around the house as a toddler, but I have one now in the form of a can of Gerber apple juice that's the exact same shape.

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Dix said...

Love this one - I actually see a persons torso, from the back in this. The shrug of shoulders,curve of hips,a dirty butt. Very much like something from Pablo's sketch book.